1. The aforesaid indent is confirmed and accepted by exchange of telex, cable or letter, whichever it may be between the buyers and the sellers.

The sellers must ensure that the indent must be firmly booked with the makers upon receipt of telex, cable or letter of confirmation from the buyers, otherwise the buyers will reserve its rights to claim for the non-fulfilmrnt and non-shipment and for the difference in prices from the date of acceptance till date of negotiation.

Date of shipment must be punctual. Any delay and extensions of shipment, the dellers must reimburse the buyers with all L/C charges and other banking charges etc.

4. The Currency indicated in the indent is mutually agreed upon, which must be treated as final. Any fluctuation of currency other than that specified therein, has no effect whatsoever. Therefore, the sellers at his option and risks, if they do not buy forward exchange rate in advance to cover such indent, if they contract with the makers in other currency then, the currency indicated in the indent. It is at seller's risk.

5. Any increase of freight, will be at seller's account.

6. In the event of war, strikes, fire, civil commotions and prohibitation of import enforced by the Goverment, then, such indent and conditions will be treated as null and void.

7. The sellers should replace for one to one exchange of goods which are found to be faulty within 3 months after receipt of goods. Delivery cost will be borne by sellers.