Prices mentioned overleaf, unless otherwise stated, are ex-mill, and all Inland Transport Expenses, Freight and Insurance are for the Buyer's account.

Sellers are to be in no way responsible for damage or deterioration of goods while lying in the godowns of the Sellers or other parties.

The Sellers shall arrange for Shipment / Delivery of the goods at the times specfied, but accept no responsibility for late or non arrival of goods or for non-shipment, owning to strikes, lockouts, fires, accidents, sea, war or any other cause beyond the control of the Sellers.

4. The Sellers shall be at liberty to re-sell the goods in the event of buyers not taking delivery within the time limit specified.

5. In the event of any dispute arising in connection with this contract, such dispute shall be settled by an independent Surveyor/s to be appointed by agreement failing agreement Surveyor/s to be appointed by the Singapore Chamber of Commerce Surveyor's decision to be final.

6. Should the cost of the goods be increased by any circumstances of any kind whatsoever, beyond the control of the sellers, such increase shall be borne by the buyers.

7. All Import or other duties levied by Government whether imposed before or after the date of signing this Contract are payable by the Buyers.

8. No claims whatsoever will be entertained unless notice of damage or loss is given within 48 hours of taking delivery of the goods.

9. Buyers agree Sellers not responsible for duplications of colours or finish.

10. This Contract is subject to confirmation by our Suppliers.

11. If the contract is based on telex or cable exchanged between the Indenting Agent with the Sellers and on receipt of confirmation by post an error or mistake in such telex or cable is found to have occured, the Indenting Agent shall have the option to cancel this contract (by written notice to the Buyer) within seven days of receipt of such confirmation by post.

12. Sellers should not be responsible for any connection of usage dispute. This shall refer back to Suppliers. Exchange of goods will be discussed if the goods are found to be faulty by Both parties within 2 weeks after receipt of goods.